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Macau Limited

Established in 2005 in Macau, wholly owned by Alimak Group and fully supported by Alimak Group Hong Kong Limited. With over 15 years’ professional experiences in façade access solutions, CoxGomyl Macau Limited has staked a major claim to the leading position in the market, providing innovative and customer focus solutions under the brands of CoxGomyl, Manntech and Alimak Service. We have focused on combining flexibility, creativity and pragmatism to carry out state-of-the-art ideas, to meet different architectural development needs and to provide solutions for most of the iconic buildings worldwide.

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E W Cox

Macau PTE Ltd.

Established in 2005, as the subsidiary of E W Cox Hong Kong Limited, E W Cox Macau PTE Ltd. started to provide the total solution custom-designed BMU and after sales services to customers.

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CoxGomyl Macau Limited

In 2008, merged with another BMU manufacturer Gomyl. 

In 2015, E W Cox Macau PTE Ltd. changed its name to CoxGomyl Macau Limited. The company continues to play a strategic role in providing high quality solutions and professional services in the region.


CoxGomyl Macau Limited

In 2017, Alimak Group AB a listed company in Sweden acquired CoxGomyl Group.

CoxGomyl Macau Limited functioned under Alimak Group and continues to boosts its BMU business in Macau under the brands of CoxGomyl, Manntech and Alimak Service. We keep our success based on collaboration, innovation, quality and high safety standard.